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Vision Impaired

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Vision Impaired

Students with low vision or blindness face unique challenges in the educational setting. Typically, much of the teaching is done through the medium of print (textbooks, worksheets, notes on the Smart Board), which puts students with vision impairments at a disadvantage. A teacher of students with vision impairments (TVI) provides a wide array of services designed to allow students with VI to learn alongside their sighted peers in the regular and/or special education classroom. These services include:
  • instruction in Literary Braille and Nemeth Code (math code for Braille)
  • creation or ordering of adapted/enlarged materials
  • training in assistive technology
  • development of independent living skills
  • facilitating self-advocacy development
  • assistance with social interaction
  • supervision of Braille para-educators
Teachers of students with vision impairments comply with local, state, and federal legislation. They work with school districts’ evaluation teams in order to qualify students under State of Ohio guidelines. In addition, they assist with the development of Individual Education Plans. A TVI can provide direct or consultative services, depending on the needs of the student.

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