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Parent Mentor

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Parent Mentor

A Parent Mentor is the parent of a child with a disability who is available to help parents of a child suspected of or diagnosed with a disability. The Parent Mentor provides training, support, and information services to help families and educators communicate effectively to ensure that students with disabilities receive a meaningful and appropriate education.

Services provided by the Parent Mentor include guiding families through the special education process, attending meetings with families to offer support, and helping to build collaborative partnerships between families and schools. Our parent education program also provides a lending library with resources for families to borrow on a variety of topics related to disabilities and special education. All services are provided to families free of charge.
Please contact our Parent Mentor if you have any questions or need support. She has been through the process and can help!
More information about Parent Mentor Programs can be found on the Parent Mentor Web Page.

Contact Us:

Wendy Smenner, Parent Mentor
Telephone: 419.214.3066
Email: [email protected]