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Local Professional Development Committee


The purpose of the ESC of Lake Erie West Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) is to:

  • create policies and procedures that assist professional, licensed staff members focus on appropriate goals for professional growth;
  • pre-approve proposed professional development activities; and
  • validate CEUs prior to application for licensure renewal.

All licensed educators should have an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) in place with the LPDC in order to maintain appropriate licensure. Activities completed without an IPDP in place will not count towards licensure renewal.

Professional pupil services licenses/registrations (e.g. audiologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech-language pathologist, social worker, school nurse) require credentialing through related licensure boards to maintain State Board of Education licensure or registration. Individuals with these licenses do not need to have an IPDP and do not renew through the LPDC.

Teachers with Resident Educator Licenses are not covered by the LPDC until they receive their five year professional license. At that time, they follow all the LPDC processes to renew their license.

Educators Not Currently Employed or No LPDC Available

With the passage of House Bill 438, individuals who are licensed by the Ohio State Board of Education and are either 1) not currently employed as an educator or 2) not currently employed by an entity that offers them a Local Professional Development Committee may work to renew their licenses through a cooperating educational service center’s LPDC.

The ESC of Lake Erie West’s LPDC is pleased to welcome 1) all educators not currently employed by a school/school district or 2) not currently employed by an entity that offers them a LPDC. See information below

Meeting Dates

The LPDC meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 3:30 pm unless there is a conflict with the school calendar. Meetings take place either via Zoom or in person. In-person meetings are at the Collingwood Center, 2275 Collingwood, Toledo, OH 43620.  If you would like materials to be considered by the LPDC for approval, they should be submitted to the LPDC committee chair no later than the Friday before the scheduled meeting.


For information about the LPDC contact:

Mary Himmelein, Ed. D., Director of Human Resources
419-246-3135 or [email protected]

Members of the LPDC committee are:

  • Mary Himmelein, Chair
  • Laura Buchanan
  • Jackie Burkey
  • Lisa Grant
  • Rachel Herrick