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Distracted Driving/Texting/FOMO

We provide Distracted Driving Presentations to schools, organizations and companies.  We partnered with End Distracted Driving and Jamie is a certified presenter with the organization.  The presentation is approximately an hour, however it can be tailored to meet your needs and/or time frame. The interactive presentation includes videos, audience participation as well as information on the cognitive function of the brain and how it relates to distracted driving. 

Take the Pledge Not to Text and Drive

Did you know? Those who text and drive are 23x more likely to be involved in a car accident! Take the pledge now by visiting:

For more information about Risky Driving visit the NHTSA site at

Tip Sheet - How do we stop from texting and driving?

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

According to a study from AAA, distraction was a factor for 60% of teen crashes; including 89% of road-departure crashes and 75% of rear-end crashes. Students are afraid (fearful) at what they are missing out on in their social circles and/or on social media while driving. This thought process causes them to check social media outlets and text their friends, while driving, to avoid that fear. That thought process and behavior is what leads to distracted driving!

That is why we need to take a stand and FIGHT FOMO!

Driver Safety & Traffic Awareness Assemblies

The Ohio Safe Communities - Traffic Safety Program of the ESC of Lake Erie West can provide two interactive Assemblies to schools that focuses on “Driver Safety & Traffic Awareness.”  

Costs range from $3,000 - $4,000. However a limited number of presentations will be offered to schools at NO COST and will be based on a “First come, First served” basis 

ThinkFast Interactive

Our ThinkFast Interactive is a experiential team building, and awareness program that appeals to all ages with its professionally designed production set, sound system, music videos, and informative and engaging awareness trivia.  

ThinkFast Interactive employs active and experiential learning that provides participants with memory hooks to promote retention and retrieval. Our exclusive content concept moves between memory hook questions that relate to popular culture and awareness content questions to maintain participant attention. The number one way to trigger memory recall is by emotional association.

For more information on ThinkFast Interactive click here

Cinema Drive

Cinema Drive the most sophisticated 3D multi-sensory interactive, safe driving experience to have at your school. You do not need to do anything. It will be executed through a team of experts who will arrive to your school's auditorium 2 hrs. prior to the first show with all the needed equipment including a 3D projector, Special 3D screen, surround sound system, interactive remote unit and 3D glasses for each student. 

Cinema Drive can show up to 200 students each time and can screen multiple shows during the same day to cover as many students as needed. After running this experience in front of 500,000 students, at least 18% of your students who are at risk in your school will change their intention to behave on the roads after viewing this experience.

The good news is that this experience is not a one-time event. At the end of the screening all students will be invited to download an amazing app with cool incentives, to play a 3 week game that will make ensure the messages are well accepted.

What is Cinema Drive

Cinema Drive Experience Video

Listen to what students in Ohio have to say about Cinema Drive. 

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