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ECOT Information

ECOT Records Information

Please contact the ESCLEW Community Schools Center via email at [email protected] for any of the following ECOT requests:
• Unofficial/Official Transcripts*
• Records Requests*
• Education Verifications*
• Employment Verifications
• General ECOT Questions
*The student’s name at the time of attendance and the student’s birth date are both required when requesting records.

ECOT Announcements

ESC of Lake Erie West Comment to ECOT, Parents, Students, and Community - January 18, 2018

As a community school sponsor, the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West (‘ESCLEW’) monitors the financial status of its community schools to ensure they have adequate resources to operate.  ESCLEW understands that the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (‘ECOT’) has received significantly reduced funding during fiscal year 2018 as a result of the Ohio Department of Education’s (‘ODE’s’) full-time equivalency review findings.  The reduced revenues do not support ECOT’s continued operations through the current year, and ECOT’s attempts to obtain relief through negotiations with and litigation against the ODE have been unsuccessful to date.  The ESCLEW therefore initiated proceedings to suspend ECOT’s operations at or near the end of the current semester for reasons set forth in the January 10th notice.  In response, ECOT submitted timely proposed remedies to the cited reasons, and although ECOT was ultimately able to obtain a bond for the fiscal officer, its proposed remedy regarding its financial situation failed to resolve the cited reasons for intended suspension.  After considering ECOT’s proposed remedies, the Governing Board of the ESCLEW voted to suspend ECOT’s operations at the close of business on January 19th, 2018.  The ESCLEW regrets the negative impact that this necessary decision may have on enrolled students and employed staff, and it will continue to work with ECOT and other interested stakeholders to carry out the closure process and help transition enrolled students to new educational environments.

Special Meeting Statement - January 23, 2018

On January 18, 2018, the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West (“ESC”) suspended the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (“ECOT”) because its financial situation placed it in imminent danger of insolvency.  ESC sought to have a receiver appointed by the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas to protect the interests of the enrolled students, their families, and the state.

At a hearing on ESC’s request for a receiver, Judge Michael J. Holbrook asked Judge Mark Serrott to mediate the issue.  At the mediation, ESC and ECOT agreed in principle to the appointment of Myron N. Terlecky, Esq. of Strip, Hoppers, Leithart, McGrath & Terlecky Co. as an Interim Master over ECOT.  As Interim Master, Mr. Terlecky, who would report to Judge Holbrook, would oversee, control, and supervise ECOT’s assets and its compliance with the Ohio Department of Education’s Community School closing procedures.

At a Special Meeting of ESC’s Governing Board on January 23, 2018, the Governing Board voted to authorize the ESC Superintendent to finalize and execute the agreed Interim Order Appointing, Interim Master for the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow.  When executed, the Agreed Interim Order will be submitted to Judge Holbrook for approval.

Update - March 14, 2018:

Do not discard your modem!  You may be contacted by a third-party entity to arrange for the collection and return of the modem.
The court has ordered ECOT abandon all other equipment due to the cost of recovery.  If you are contacted about needing to return your laptop or tablet, it is unfounded.  ECOT will not be collecting these items.  We recommend you report the call to the Better Business Bureau.
If you are a former/withdrawn student or graduate of ECOT (prior to the suspension of operations in January 2018), your records will be sent to the last known district of residence.  The estimated timeline for these file transfers is three (3) months (May 2018).
If you are in need of an official or unofficial transcript, please contact the ESCLEW Community Schools Center at (419) 246-3137, and we will help with facilitating your request.

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