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Teacher Training

We have new and exciting information, materials and resources to share!

Our trainings are engaging and interactive. The Teacher Training Program can be scheduled to meet your scheduling needs and will generally last two to four hours, depending on the program selected.  To schedule a training program, please contact us and indicate the desired program, date and time you would like to meet.  The training program consists of going over the mission (what to expect and how to be prepared), working through the different mission stations, receiving the mission curriculum and supporting lesson plans and mission critical information that you will need for your class or program the day of the mission.

All teachers joining us for a mission with their class will need to have completed basic teacher training prior to the mission.  For teachers looking to go beyond and lead the class as a mission specialist, register for the Top Gun Teacher Program!  The Top Gun Program lasts approximately two hours and will qualify the educator to lead the class through the mission as mission specialist!  Top Gun Teachers have a their photo and name on the Top Gun Teacher plaque (just outside the Mission Control), are able to wear a NASA flight suit during the mission and receive a Top Gun pin and certificate to display in their classroom.

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