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Birthday Parties

3, 2, 1...Birthday Party Liftoff!

Birthday Party Room

Dreaming of Mars, stars and more for your birthday?  Land your space craft at Challenger Learning Center of Lake Erie West for an out of this world birthday party!  The birthday astronaut and the birthday crew will soar to the stars in our simulated space transport vehicle and journey to the farthest reaches of the galaxy in one of our three interactive simulated space missions!

Junior Astronaut:Junior Astronaut patch
Journey to the ISS
Ages 5-9

The crew aboard the ISS is in desperate need of new astronauts to continue research and experiments in space!  Do you have what it takes to be the next astronaut crew and work aboard the International Space Station orbiting 250 miles above Earth?  

Return to the MoonMoon mission logo
Ages 10+

The year is 2040 and the astronauts are on their way to the Moon but this time, they plan to stay!  The crew must race against time and work together with Mission Control to find the perfect place to begin exploring the Moon! 

Voyage to MarsMars mission logo
Ages 10+

In Earth years it is 2076, and we need a crew to embark on a long mission to Mars!  Will the crew make it in time to find the Chryse Weather Station and deliver supplies before another dust storm begins?  Your spacecraft awaits your next adventure!

Call us today to schedule your next Martian birthday party!  We offer affordable and fun birthday party packages to create a memorable and fun birthday party!  From the moment you walk through the doors to lift off and enter the space station, your party will be like no other!

Contact us today!  Call us at 419-725-5926 or by email at [email protected]

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Party Information

Our party package includes:

  • Two-hour simulated space mission of your choice for up to 30 guests* 
  • Use of party room for 30 minutes prior to mission 
  • Themed table coverings, utensils, cups, plates and napkins provided 

Cost: $450

*Additional guests are $10/child.   
Parents / guardians are not charged for attendance.