Spelling Bee Winners

The annual Spelling Bee sponsored by the ESC of Lake Erie West was held on February 16 and the Maumee Indoor Theatre. 71 students from various school districts participated in the Spelling Bee. The following students were provided a medal and will progress to the next level of competition - “The Blade Championship Bee” -March 12, 2016 -10:30 a.m. at the Owens Community College Center for Fine and Performing Arts.

  1. Isabella Marshall – Anthony Wayne Junior High School (winner of the Spelling Bee)
  2. Natalie Henke – Winterfield Venture Academy (tied for second place)
  3. Gabi Hoag – Anthony Wayne Junior High School (tied for second place)
  4. Elizabeth Sohn – Fallen Timbers Middle School
  5. Jackson Grefe – Jefferson Junior High School
  6. Jimmy Kleshinski – Springfield Middle School
  7. Ibrahim Haseeb – Toledo Islamic Academy
  8. Jack Edwards – Maplewood Elementary School
  9. Leia McIntosh – Washington Junior High School
  10. Cayden Smith – Anthony Wayne Junior High School
  11. Sam Cubberly – Springfield Middle School
  12. Trevor Howell – McCord Junior High School
  13. Andrew Megeath – McCord Junior High School
  14. Olivia Harris – Perrysburg Junior High School
  15. Evangeline Louis – McCord Junior High School