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The Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West's Basic Rider Skills is built on the proven curriculum from National Highway Traffic Safety Standards with additional elements from Motorcycle Ohio Rider Enrichment. You begin by learning how to start the motorcycle. By the end of it all, you’re confidently handling a motorcycle.

Our coaches are certified by Motorcycle Ohio Rider Enrichment via the National Highway Traffic Safety Standards. They’ve also been specifically trained to deliver our unique, interactive Basic Rider Skills. You can learn best when you learn from the best. Sessions are held at the ESC of Lake Erie West Shuer Center site at 4955 Seaman Road, Oregon OH 43616.

Get ready to ride. You learn the basics in the classroom. But you spend most of the time practicing on the controlled range, developing the maneuvers and skills that make you ready for the road.

When you successfully complete the Basic Rider Skills, you will receive a completion card. The State of Ohio will waive the riding test needed to obtain a motorcycle endorsement, and some insurance companies may offer discounts.


Is the Motorcycle Temporary Permit included in taking the Basic Rider Skills?

No. You must get your TIPIC before arriving for your first night of class. Please visit the BMV web page to learn how to get your TIPIC and download the study guides for the knowledge exam. Here is the link:

Will the Basic Rider Skills get me my motorcycle endorsement?

The Basic Rider Skills will allow passing riders to get their endorsement within 60-days of successfully completing their class without any additional testing.

Is this class mandatory?

Only for minors between 15 ½ and 17 years old.

If I have a motorcycle endorsement on my current driver’s license, take the class and fail that class, will that failure affect my license or endorsement?


My driver’s license is expired or suspended. Can I take the class?


My motorcycle temporary permit is expired. Can I take the class?

No. You need to renew your permit prior to the class.

I want to register for the class. Where can I find the dates and times? How do I register?

You may find the schedule and register on-line or contact the program manager. or call Vickey Johnson at 419-309-6072

I want to register myself and some friends for a class. Can I schedule all of us into the same class?

Yes. Contact Vickey Johnson at 419-309-6072 or

Do you offer any Trike/3-wheeled classes?


What does the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West provide in the class? What do I need to provide?

ESCLEW: certified coaches, safe & positive learning environment, knowledgeable staff, coffee, workbook, helmet and motorcycle to use during the class.

Student provides: driver’s license, motorcycle temporary permit, positive attitude, protective eyewear, full-fingered gloves, long sleeves & pants (during riding sessions), over-the-ankle footwear, rain gear (if needed), commitment to attend 100% of class.

What is the price of the Basic Rider Skills?

$50.00 safety investment per person

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