Collingwood Fitness Center



Collingwood Center Swimming Pool ESC of Lake Erie West owns and operates the Collingwood Fitness Center.

The Collingwood Center provides  training in water safety skills, swimming education, and lifeguard training to clients in Northwest Ohio  and Southeast Michigan

Water Exercise Program

Pool & Fitness Room Schedules

Aquatics Course Schedule—Call 419-245-6200 with questions

Swim Lesson Schedule January to August 2017

Pool and Fitness Center Fees

Dates the pool will be closed:

  • 08/27/2017 to 09/09/2017—Annual pool maintenance
  • 09/04/2017—Labor Day
  • Wednesday, 11/22/2017, to Saturday, 11/25/2017—Thanksgiving
  • Saturday, 12/23/2017 to Tuesday, 12/26/2017—Christmas

Jacqueline Zervos, Aquatic & Fitness Center Coordinator
2275 Collingwood Boulevard
Toledo OH 43620
Telephone: 419.245.6200

People exercising in fitness center.Group of people standing on the edge of swimming pool.Lifeguard demonstration in swimming pool.