Which Mission Will You Choose?

Students in shuttle bay. Dreaming of going on an intergalactic adventure this summer?  Make your first stop at the Challenger Learning Center of Lake Erie West!  Join us for our incredibly out of this world summer camps!  Learn the basics of being an astronaut or try your hand in our simulated zero gravity summer camp!
Week Long Adventure Camps
Forensic Science: CSI Camp
June 15-June 19
A crime has been committed aboard the International Space Station! Was it espionage, criminal or simply an accident?  Put your crime solving skills to the test!  Campers will learn the basics of forensic chemistry in this off-the-Earth camp. Here is your chance to gain real world crime solving skills!Students in lab coats

Cost:  $200
Grades: 5-8

Junior Astronaut Camp
June 22-June 26
NASA is planning a trip to Mars and is seeking new recruits! In this camp, campers will have hands-on training daily that will engage them in a number of real-world situations. Participants will travel in the Space Transport Vehicle to the simulated International Space Station!
Cost: $200
Grades: 1-3

Artemis Explorers: Lunar City
July 13-July 17
NASA is sending the first crewed mission to explore the Moon in the Artemis mission!  You will join a crew of fearless explorers and design your own lunar habitat and decide on where to land and create the first-ever lunar base!  Astronauts will take part in astronaut training in our Neutral Buoyancy Lab (pool) and learn the basics of astronaut training and practice working in a simulated microgravity environment to create their own lunar colony.Camp Aquarius
*Minimum swimming skills required.  This camp will be held at the ESC of Lake Erie West Collingwood Aquatics and Fitness Center at 2275 Collingwood Boulevard, Toledo, Ohio 43620.
Cost: $200
Grades: 4-8

Drone Academy
June 15-june 19
Think you have what it takes to be a drone racer?  Learn how to navigate the space race using first person goggles to fly a 3D-printed micro drone!  Campers will compete in teams on a series of drone racing courses and will learn drone building and flying basics!   Great for all drone skill levels and those in the Drone Racing League!
Cost:  $200
Grades: 6-12

Astronaut Training Camp
June 22-June26
Students in mission
We need a courageous and fearless crew to take on the journey to deep space!  Future astronauts will  learn what it takes to be an astronaut and train using NASA certified astronaut training activities.  After training and preparing to be an astronaut, the final test will be a simulated space mission to deep space!  
Cost:  $200
Grades: 4-6

Single Day Adventure Camps 
Junior Astronaut Trials
Student robotJuly 15
Do you have what it takes to be an astronaut?  Explore NASA astronaut training and put your skills to the test! Campers will learn the basics of space and prepare for the Journey to the Moon! The excitement of going in a space craft, touching objects directly from the moon and  being apart of mission control will bring the excitement to life!
Cost: $50
Grades: 1-3
Martian 3D World
July 16
Have you ever wanted to explore the world of 3D printing?  Now is your chance!  Campers will explore 3D design and printing.  Design your own colony while using a 3D printing pen. Maybe your design prototype will be used one day for Martian Habitat!
Cost: $50
Grades: 5-8Drone race
Rocketry 101
July 13-14
NASA is designing the new Space Launch System to take our crews to Mars and beyond!  Step aboard the Challenger Learning Center simulated spacecraft and journey into deep space on a mission!  Learn the basics of rocket design and propulsion.  You’ll have the chance to design and build several of your own rockets and determine the best course to the far exoplanets!
Cost: $100
Grades: 4-8
 Rocket launch Toddlers in Space

Registration Information

Registration will open February 1, 2020

Adventure Series
Toddlers in Space
Join us Tuesday mornings from 10:00am-11:00am for Toddlers in Space!  Toddlers (children under 5 years old) and their parents will enjoy a space themed story and hands-on activity!  Cost is $7 per workshop or $50 for the entire series!
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