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The James Webb Telescope site has a number of great resources and lesson plans for teachers.  Click HERE to see them all.

General Links:

NASA’s Student Site:

Amazing Space: A great resource for background information and additional links

Earth and Space Science:

Rock Around the World:
Send a rock from your area to a Mars scientist! Find out what the rock is made of and how it compares to the red planet.
How does a hurricane form?

National Geographic: Video clips, information, and simulations of the solar system

Life Science:

Incorporates Life Science and Project Based Learning!
Can use with - Return to the Moon - Build a Moon Habitat

Physical Science:

This is a beta 1.2g version of the RocketModeler III program. You are invited to participate in the beta testing. If you find errors in the program or would like to suggest improvements, please send an e-mail to

 Thanks for the link Jack! Keep researching. 

Check out Honda's humanoid robot! 

Check out NASA's robotics 

Compare the size of the planets to the sun.
Build your own space mission
Rover – test your programming skills
Planet impact - pelt Jupiter with asteroids.
International Space Station game

More Fun:

What is Microgravity?
Astronaut Don Pettit shares the thrill of concepts like gravity and trajectories with some help from Red Bird.

Planet Quest
How long does it take to travel to different planets and stars?

College and Career:

NASA Internship Opportunities:
Eligible students can access a portfolio of NASA internship, fellowship and scholarship opportunities through a single portal and a single application.

NASA Career Opportunities:
Students can use this page as a starting point to learn about jobs at NASA.

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